Another Great Day at Church

Today, I woke up much later than I would have liked. I woke up at 8:00 A.M. I had a very good night’s rest; so when I woke up, I was ready for the day. I got ready for church quickly, then ran downstairs to eat some breakfast. Mrs. Angie had made muffins the night before; so I ate two of them. They were delicious.

After breakfast, I had about twenty minutes before we were ready to go to church. I thought about texting my family or friends, but I do not think they would have appreciated it, it being 3:30 in the morning back home. πŸ™‚ Instead, I did some stuff on my phone and waited on Bro. and Mrs. Ruckman to say it was time to go.

When we got to church, there were not very many kids running around, which is surprising. We started services at 9:00 A.M. and had several more people show up. We ended up having eighty people in attendance at the services this morning. We had one baptism after church.

After church, we visited for a few minutes then headed home. We had a nice hot meal waiting for us. Mrs. Angie had put our lunch in the instant pot so it would be ready when we got home. It was so good. The chicken was just falling off the bone. After lunch, we all parted ways and took our afternoon rest. Well, Bro. Ruckman and I did; Mrs. Angie on the other hand was experiencing severe pain in her lower back. It all started with a crick in her neck she had gotten a day or two ago; but today, she bent over to help a boy turn in his song book, and she just about fell to the floor because of the pain. She has been keeping ice and heat on it all afternoon, and that seems to have helped a little.

After my rest, I got ready for church. Once I had gotten ready, I went downstairs. Bro. Ruckman said I could go to church early for choir practice, or I could wait until he went to church. I decided I would go early in a taxi. I was able to get there and have some fun practicing with some new friends. Bro. Ruckman came later, but Mrs. Angie stayed home due to the severe pain she is having.

We had a lot of good laughs, as a couple of the boys were struggling to start on the right notes. πŸ™‚

All the services went great. We had several small children show up for the evening service. Bro. Ruckman was giving out chocolate to whoever could say all sixty six books of the Bible in order, but the kids did not know them; so they proceeded to swarm Bro. Ruckman and beg for chocolate. They were not successful. Bro. Ruckman told them if they could say the books of the Bible in order, they could have one, but they were not prepared. Instead, they swarmed and begged me for chocolate. I told them the exact same thing Bro. Ruckman had told them, but that did not keep them from begging. πŸ™‚

When we got home, we had nachos for supper. Bro. and Mrs. Angie were able to talk to one of their sons for a while, and they had a lot of fun talking to him. While they talked to him, I started designing a light box for one of my photography ideas. It is definitely not pretty on the outside; but on the inside, it creates amazing images. I am now preparing to go to bed. I have had a great day filled with excitement. Thank you for all the prayers!!!

My dad seems to be on the mend after his bout with malaria. Thank you for praying for him.

PS: Here is a picture of my light box. I got the idea from the internet, and I have always wanted to build one.

Here are some of the results of the pictures I have taken with my new contraption. I will definitely be doing some more experimenting with the contraption tomorrow. I hope to get some really nice pictures that the Bride and Groom will be happy with. A couple in the church here will be getting married in a few weeks.

3 responses to “Another Great Day at Church”

  1. You had an exciting Sunday. We did too. Two girls were saved after services this morning.

    We are getting ready to pack up to head to Missouri. I think we are leaving Tuesday, but we want to be all packed up Monday. We have tried to wait until your dad started feeling better. He said that he can feel the medication working. He said it was a strange feeling.

    Thanks for sharing. We love you.

  2. Good morning, Praise God for the the ones that have saved and Baptized. Awesome to see God working in people lives.
    Loved your light box. Looking forward to seeing pictures you create using it.
    Glad your Dad is better, and hope that Mrs. Angie back is better today. πŸ™πŸ»
    Chocolate would be a different encouragement for learning the the books of the Bible… kids are so fun eager to learn.
    Thank you for sharing your Sunday
    May God Bless you this week πŸ™πŸ»