Missions With the Consfords

Welcome to Missions with the Consfords! Joe and Laura Consford were missionaries to West Africa from 2000 until 2014 when God called them to work in Joe’s home church.

Gilbert Consford is now serving in Ghana as an intern missionary!

Danny and Bonnie are both surrendered to do the Lord’s will for their life too!

Here are some of our favorite photos of West Africa!

Missions with the Consfords

Missions with the Consfords! The Consford family loves Ghana and we truly love to see God working in this country! Ghana is a religious country! 32% claim to be Christian, 20% claim to be Muslim and 99% practice some form of animism. The Gospel of Jesus Christ can make Ghana a better place!

Rich History of Ghana

Ghana is a West African country that has a rich history and culture. The country was once known as the Gold Coast due to its abundance of gold resources. Ghana was also known for its role in the transatlantic slave trade, and many Africans were forcefully taken from their homes and sold as slaves in the Americas.

Ghana’s history dates back to the 15th century when the Portuguese arrived on its shores. Over time, other European powers, including the Dutch, the British, and the Danes, established trading posts along the coast. The Portuguese were the first Europeans to establish a trading post in Ghana in 1482.

Ashanti Empire

In the 16th century, the Ashanti Empire emerged as a powerful force in Ghana. The Ashanti Empire was known for its military strength and its ability to control trade in the region. The empire was able to maintain its independence from European powers until the late 19th century when the British finally defeated the Ashanti in a series of wars.

Ghana gained independence from Britain in 1957, becoming the first sub-Saharan African country to do so. The country’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, played a significant role in the country’s independence struggle and is still celebrated as a hero in Ghana today.

Significant Progress

Since gaining independence, Ghana has made significant progress in terms of economic development and political stability. The country is now one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies, with a vibrant tourism industry and a thriving tech sector.

In conclusion, Ghana has a rich history that dates back to the 15th century. From the transatlantic slave trade to its role in the independence struggle, Ghana’s history is a testament to the resilience and strength of its people. Today, Ghana is a thriving country that is poised for even greater success in the future.

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