Chill Day

This morning, I woke up at 8:00. I read my Bible, got ready for the day, then stayed in my room for a bit. After a little while, I finally decided to go downstairs and see what was going on for the day. We had planned to do some shopping, but plans changed when Bro. Ruckman woke up not feeling well. 

Since Bro. Ruckman was not feeling well, he stayed in his room longer than usual. So, I decided to make some breakfast for myself. Right as I finished making my breakfast, Bro. Ruckman came down. There is a big story behind the morning, but I’ll cut it short by saying “I could definitely tell Bro. Ruckman was not feeling well.” 😂 I’ll leave it at that. 

After I had eaten breakfast, I went up to my room and got everything organized for the first time since moving into the room. I had everything organized before, but I finally got everything in the order I like. After I had organized, I watched some tv shows and movies. 

At noon or so, I decided to heat up some leftovers for lunch. Once I had enjoyed a meal, I went back up to my room. I was able to rest for another good while. I was then going to practice guitar, but I had a string break. After I had replaced that string, I began retuning my guitar. As I was tuning it, I had another string break. 🙄

After the guitar problems, I went downstairs for supper. We had beans, corn bread, and kelewele. After supper, we watched some tv shows in the living room. 

The Ruckmans are soon to have a third granddaughter. They are thinking she will be born within the next hour. It is currently 8:41 P.M.; so, please pray that everything goes well.

PS: If you see any grammar errors, I am sorry. My mom is going to a funeral, but she forgot her computer.

4 responses to “Chill Day”

  1. Sorry that Bro Ruckman isn’t feeling well.i will add him to my prayer list for sure.
    Once you learn how to play a good melody maybe you could video it and let everyone see your progress.

    Watch out for those strings breaking, They might pop back and hit you in the face and that would definitely hurt.😰

    Don’t worry about your spelling. It was good to read your daily post.
    Take care. God Bless You🙏

  2. Glad you got organized. That will help those fishy mornings. We will be praying for Bro. ruckman.

  3. I wanted so badly to go to that funeral, but the flu has paid the Rosaleses a visit and I may be a tad like Bro. Ruckman…you can tell I don’t feel well. 😏