Study, Evangelism, Bible Club 05/24/24

This morning, I woke up at 8:40. (I stayed up until after 3:00 this morning to watch my brother graduate from high school.) After getting up, I gathered my stuff and went down to the living to get my study station set up. Once I was set up, I got to work making study sheets and finding answers to some of the study sheets that have been given out to us. I made study sheets from 8:45 to 1:45, until Bro. Arhin got to the house to head out on evangelism.

Once we got to the village, Bro. Arhin talked to an elder man for about an hour. From there, we walked a little ways to where a man and a woman were sitting. Bro. Arhin gave me the opportunity of sharing the gospel with them. After about 45 minutes, they both prayed and trusted Christ. After they prayed, we made fully sure they were not trusting in their works but the saving grace of Jesus Christ alone. They both understood and answered correctly. Once we finished talking with them, we went back to the house to get set up for Bible club.

On our way back, we ran into a bunch of our bus kids, and they came running and hugged me. Once we got to the house, Prince and I set up and started letting kids in. We had a lot of kids today. Everything went smoothly until the very end when it was time to dismiss. Kids were running everywhere; thankfully, we got them all out.

Once they were out, we had supper. After supper, I worked on my study sheet a bit longer and then headed up to my room to do my exercises. After my exercises, I took a cold shower. Then, I talked with my mom, Bonnie, and my grandparents for a little bit.

I am now about to go to sleep after a long night and day.

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