Recovery Day

This morning, I woke up a lot later than normal, but I woke up feeling a bit better. After getting up, I went downstairs and had some breakfast. After breakfast, Bro. Ruckman and I worked on getting some jackfruit out of the tree.

After getting it down, we tried some. Bro. Ruckman tasted it, and it was good; so, I tried it. It tasted good; but after a minute or two, I started having an allergic reaction or something to it. I was able get some Benadryl, and whatever reaction I was having went away. After harvesting and cleaning up, we had lunch. After lunch, I went up to my room, and I slept a lot. My body must have needed the rest to fully recover. I am still not all the way better, but I am getting there.

After a good afternoon, we had a delicious supper. After supper, I went up to my room. I have just gotten cleaned up, and I am about to go to sleep.

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  1. I’m also glad for the Benadryl & that you’re feeling better. That Benadryl probably made you sleepy so that you could get needed sleep after the days of feeling bad. We love you!

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