Operation Find Mower Blade and Cutting the Grass at the Church

This morning, I slept in a little. I am not feeling very well.

At 10:00, I went down to the junction to meet up with Bro. Arhin to begin our search for a lawn mower blade. We first drove into town and looked around but did not find any blades; so, we went to another place. We did not find the exact size blade that we needed, but it was only one inch short and worked very well as we cut the grass at the church.

I went home and got the weedeater before going back to the church to cut the grass with Bro. Arhin. It took us a bit, but we were able to get the church lawn looking good.

Once I got back to the house, I rested for a while before supper. After supper, we watched a show for a while and then sang happy birthday to Bro. Shadrack.

I am now in my room. I am about to go to sleep because I am not feeling well at all.

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