Ocean Fun 05/06/24

This morning, I woke up early, finished packing, then went with Bro. Ruckman to get the part that broke to our water system. Once we got back to the house, we loaded stuff up, did a few more things, then hit the road

We had a pretty good drive out, and once we got there we got checked into our rooms and got our stuff moved in. Once we had finished that, we all went to the restaurant for lunch. The food takes forever to be prepared, but it sure is good.

After lunch, we walked on the beach, took pictures, flew the drone, and just had a good time. From there, a few us guys went swimming in the pool. (Oh, by the way, we are here with three other missionary families.)

After swimming for a good while, I got out to dry. Once the other guys were done, we went back to our rooms, changed, and then headed over to get some supper.

After supper, everyone enjoyed a really good time of fellowship. Once the clock was close to striking ten, I headed back to my room to get some sleep.