Fante and Rest

This morning, I woke up, read my Bible, and got ready. I went downstairs to get some breakfast before Fante class. After some breakfast, we waited for our teacher to arrive.

We had a good class. I got to hold our teacher’s baby for most of the class, which was fun. After class, we did not do much. We had lunch, rested, watched a show; then, I went up to my room.

During the afternoon, the Ruckmans went out and did a thing or two. When they got back, we had supper while we watched a show. After the show, I went up to my room.

I have just gotten a shower and am now in bed. I got a few more grades back today from my finals. (Out of the 7 grades I have gotten back, so far my average grade is a 99.14%; my lowest grade on the finals is a 94%, and my highest is a 105%. I am still waiting on two more grades.)

2 responses to “Fante and Rest”

  1. Holding a baby just brightens anyone’s day. Glad your grades are coming in and are good. Still praying for you and send our love!

  2. I’m with Ginger. Babies are a day brightener. Then again, so are those grades. Great job 🎉

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