Another Great Sunday!

This morning, I woke up feeling much better. After getting up and getting ready, I headed downstairs for some breakfast. After breakfast, Prince, Richmond and I headed to Mpatado to round up the kids. After sitting for a while and almost being late to church, we ended up with nine from Mpatado today!!! That is the most we have had come for weeks.

Once we got to church, everything went great. After church, we were able to get all the kids rounded back up and taken back home. Once I got home, I got the table set up and ready for when the Ruckmans got back. Once they got back, Mrs. Angie got lunch on the table, and everything was delicious. After lunch, I went up to my room and slept the afternoon away until it was time to get up and head to the church for choir.

We had a great choir practice, and it is fun seeing how much they want to learn each new song I teach them. I started teaching the last new song I will have time to teach them. There are so many songs that I would like to teach them, but there is not enough time to do it. We had a great service!

After church, I waited for the Ruckmans to drop some people off while I played with some of the kids at church. Once we got back to the house, we had supper; then, I headed up to my room.

I have just taken a shower and am about to go to sleep.

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  1. Wonderful! I’m glad you have also have a song in your heart and know the song’s mechanics. Such a mystery to me! Praying for power, wisdom, safety, and health. How many more Sundays?

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