Sunday After Finals

This morning, I woke up at 6:15. Once I had gotten up, I headed outside to clean up after the dog and to put her away. The Ruckmans were out of town preaching at a church in Cape Coast; so, I was in charge of the morning duties around the house. Once I had finished the outside work, I headed back inside to get dressed for church and to eat breakfast. After breakfast, I waited for Prince and Richmond to get to the house so we could head down to Mpatado for the bus route.

This Sunday, we had three kids come, which is a lot better than the zero that came last week. We had a good Sunday Schoo hour and Jr. Church hour. After we finished up at the church, I headed home with the kids from Mpatado. Once I had been dropped off, I headed inside to make some lunch. After lunch, I worked on my sermon because I was supposed to preach for the evening service.

As it got closer to time to leave for church, it was raining hard. It caused flooding around the church. So, we ended up cancelling the evening service because it was unsafe for people to walk to church through the flood waters. Once the Ruckmans got back to the house, they rested for a while. Then, we had supper while we watched a show. We had a struggle getting the show going, but we were finally able to get it to work.

I am now in my room about to take a shower. It is currently 10:35; so, I am hoping to get to bed quickly. (I also got a grade back from one of my finals. I made a 100% on it!!! All the hard work is paying off.)

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