Bible Institute and Some things Around the House

This morning, I got up, read my Bible, and got ready for the day. After getting ready, I did not really do much until it was time for us to leave at 10:20 A.M. Once we got tot the church, we got things set up for our first class.

We had a really good day of classes, although I am very tired by the time everything is done. After the classes, we got things set back up for church; then, we headed back to the house.

Once we got back to the house, we had a few minutes before we started a discipleship class with the kids who are saved from the Bible Club. We had one come who was not saved; so, Bro. Ruckman had me take him aside and try to explain salvation. Once Bro. Ruckman had finished with his class, I had him question the boy, Emmanuel, I had been talking with. Bro. Ruckman said it sounded like he understood everything; so, right there he prayed and accepted Christ into his heart!!!

Once all the kids had left, I washed the truck. We have been having some rains. Then, we have to go places, and the truck gets all dirty; so, this is the third time this week the truck has been washed.

After washing the truck, I took a shower, and headed downstairs for supper. After supper, we watched a show; then, we went up to our rooms. I had not been in my room long when the rain started pouring. It was crazy because I have not seen rain like that in a long time. Within just a few minutes, we had two to three inches of water behind the house.

After running around watching the rain, I went up to my room again. I had not been in my room long when the power went out at 9:00 P.M. It is currently 6:41 A.M., and the power still is not on.

The power going out made me completely forget about the blog.

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