Bible Institute and Evangelism

This morning, I woke up at 6:30, read my Bible, got ready, and ate breakfast. Then, we were out the door for Bible Institute. We had good classes, and everything went well.

After classes, we headed back to the house. I was able to rest for just a little bit before heading back out on evangelism. Although it was hot, we still had some good talks with the people and had a great time.

Once I got back to the house, I worked on a project for Dad; then, we got ready for supper. We had some very good burgers. After supper, I worked on the project a little longer; then, I headed up to my room for the night. It is currently 8:55 P.M., and the power has been off for twenty minutes. We are really hoping it comes back on soon so that we can all get a good night’s rest in.

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